VentuaryLab presents a novel inter-chain concept that combines a liquidity incentivization system for wrapped tokens with a bridge aggregator as part of its infrastructure.

Intro & issues of the DeFi Space

For the last three years, we at VentuaryLab have been observing the evolving Web3 space and developing DeFi products, uncovering major constraints that hinder the truly borderless inDeFi experience and liquidity growth.

Two years ago, VentuaryLab stood at the origins of USD Neutrino, or USDN (currently owned and managed by Waves.Exchange), the first stablecoin on Waves. The past experience of expanding Waves tokens beyond their native ecosystem involved researching other networks in an effort to establish…

Starting today, users can provide funds into the treasury, securing a share of the future GTON emission.

Graviton, a universal wrapped tokens’ liquidity incentivization solution, providing seamless access to multiple chains with Ethereum mirror accounts and creating a reward-based economy around wrapped assets, is now opening its treasury deposit for early backers, or, as we call them, early birds.

Graviton envisions a fair initial token distribution through the Treasury Farming mechanics, with the community having an even access to GTON distribution. The project is being launched with a deposit-only phase. Please note that there will be no difference in share…

Early adopters of PATHWAY, an advanced market-making protocol, will be able to test it in application to GTON, the governance token of Graviton.

Voting begins on the final parameters of PATHWAY, an automated market-making protocol, which is set to launch as an experiment on Graviton treasury management. Contingent upon the successful results of the experiment, the protocol will be extended to become a versatile solution for tokenomics management.

Graviton, a universal liquidity incentivization solution for wrapped assets with a seamless cross-chain experience, established in April 2021, is preparing to launch its cross-chain farms for wrapped assets this summer. …

In this article, we explain GTON use as a proxy token for pairing wrapped tokens with liquid assets on destination chains, enabling an interconnected system of pools with fast and low-slippage token swaps.

Anton Bukov’s (@k06a) presentation about 1inch routing

Bancor’s original idea of the “relay token” $BNT was groundbreaking, but a bit ahead of its time and therefore did not find much traction. Nowadays, we observe a growing demand for cross-chain technologies and tokens in DeFI, and it might be time to revive this approach in the form of a cross-chain relay token.

At its core, is being developed…

We present a timeline of Graviton key products to be revealed this year.

The team behind Graviton has a solid vision of building a system that combines several highly demanded products currently missing in the space. Graviton’s primary aim is to evolve into a cross-chain hub that will help reduce the fragmentation of the DeFi space.

Breaking apart such an ambitious vision into a more concrete roadmap is a complex but important task. We specifically do not fix the timeframes in stone, leaving ample time for testing, processing community’s feedback and adapting when needed.

Graviton moves forward iteratively and focuses…

GTON staking has been launched in test mode, enabling users to automatically receive staking rewards on their governance balance.

We are excited to announce that the Ninja release of the GTON staking goes live on June 11, 2021. Users will now automatically receive staking rewards in GTON on their governance balances. Graviton staking parameters can be checked in the portfolio section. No additional actions are needed to start staking your GTON. Distribution happens every 30 minutes.

At the current stage, staking is only available for the early birds who have their GTON rewards credited onto their governance balances. …

The close collaboration of Graviton and SpookySwap will bring tokens from outside Fantom onto SpookySwap, wrap the BOO token onto other networks through decentralized bridges, and launch new farms for GTON.

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Graviton and SpookySwap.

Graviton’s infrastructure allows for wrapping tokens and creates incentives for liquidity providers. As a result of this partnership, the attractive ecosystem of SpookySwap will become accessible for communities of other blockchains.

Stimulating the inflow of wrapped tokens’ liquidity through Graviton is quite straightforward. Holders will be able to wrap SOL, MATIC, AVAX, BUSD tokens and tens of other…

The mutual support between the two projects in pursuit of enhancing the cross-chain experience and liquidity on SpiritSwap will be the main focus of this collaboration.

We are thrilled to announce that SpiritSwap, one of the first, most reliable, and largest AMM DEXs in the Fantom ecosystem, has started collaborating with Graviton to further advance the cross-chain DeFi movement.

Graviton and SpiritSwap share similar product development philosophies in the area of DeFi and views on cross-chain economic growth that will undoubtedly facilitate future synergies.

Graviton is primarily designed to increase tokens’ liquidity and utility across different blockchains. It unites the…


A governance framework and liquidity incentivization solution for inter-chain swaps and wrapped tokens through Ethereum mirror accounts.

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